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~Questions All Brides & Grooms Should Ask~


Will our relatives and friends be able to take photos while the photographer is at the wedding?
Yes. Please take all the snapshots that you want. It’s your wedding, have fun. Each studio has a strict policy about this, so be sure and check.
Do we have to see each other before the wedding?
No. It’s your wedding, plan it your way. Either way you want to do your wedding, I will be able to arrange your photo schedule. Hint: It saves time to see each other before the ceremony for photo’s. Your guests don’t have to wait for you then.
How long has the photographer been shooting weddings?
I have been shooting weddings as the main photographer for 15 years now.
Is this photographic work I’m looking at all yours?
Yes. All the work displayed has been done by me. All photographers have a certain style. When you look at a display of work done by a group of photographers it’s hard to get a feel for any individuals work.
Will YOU be the photographer at my wedding?
Yes. If I book your wedding, I will be the main photographer at your wedding. You will know your photographer.
Does the photographer book more then one wedding in a day?
No. One wedding a day is all any photographer can manage and still produce great portraits. I will also only book 25 to 35 weddings in one year. They are very time consuming, from wedding consultations to putting the final album together. In this way my love for doing weddings does not get frayed at the edges.
Does the photographer have creative skills working with Black & White portraiture?
Yes. Black & White does take more creative skills than color. This medium can translate many different ways, so look at it very carefully. I love working with black & white, sepia toned and hand colored portraits.
Can we purchase the negatives?
No. The negatives are not for sale or part of any package. You will be able to order on them for the rest of your life. The value and reputation of any portrait studio is based on their collection of negatives.

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TIP 1:   

As the Bride & Groom, you have a very busy day ahead and want to enjoy it. The wedding day should be about the Bride & Groom only, not the photographer. Along with creative photographic skills a wedding photographer needs to be able to handle last minute changes to the schedule. Spend the day with someone you will enjoy being around.

TIP 2:   

Creative non-traditional portraits, in addition to the traditional wedding portraits, take a little extra time to prepare for and to shoot. Allow extra time for this.

TIP 3   

Many weddings happen July thru October. In order to ensure your date, book it as soon as possible.


Steve Rodenbough
Owner / photographer



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